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WEC owner going up 150' in a boom lift

Woburn Electric



Has been in the electrical trade since 1986.

He has been wiring for 38 years! He passed the State Board of Licensure and received his Master Electrical License in 2000.

Woburn Electric's shop has been in business since 2004. The company has an unblemished credit history. Moreover, this shop has a low Workers Compensation EMR rating. All employees went home unharmed!

Since 2004, the company has had the wonderful opportunity to grow while experiencing many facets of the ever-evolving construction industry.

The industry is always innovating when it comes to highly specialized and skilled tradesmen. New techniques must be learned to keep pace with growth and economies of scale.

New technologies of product lines must also be adapted to and then installed without much loss of efficiency.

The learning curve in relation to skilled manpower, products, and tools must be kept flat and in phase with each other.

That is where a multitude of courses offered, by local educational institutions and corporate distributors and manufacturers.

This owner attends as many as possible and participates in trade workshops. Ah yes, lest we forget: and the monthly trade journals, magazines, blogs, and electronic posts.

One thing is realized, that is, the owner of Woburn Electric understands that no one knows everything, but the key to an issue is to navigate it by being resourceful and thinking out of the box by drawing on all the industry experience gained so far.