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2023 Edition

The National Electrical Code NFPA 70

Our story

The National Electrical Code is updated and changed every 3 years.

It is imperative for the electrical professional to stay current with the changes and updates.  The new tri-annual difference reflect new wiring methods and emerging technologies which must or shall be implemented into the installation of electrical systems.

Kitchen Remodels

One notable change is that instead of just kitchen countertops requiring GFCI receptacles, it is now that all corded appliance must have GFCI receptacles as the source connection. Which essentially means all the receptacle in the kitchen will be GFCI receptacles since a corded appliance can be plugged in anywhere.

corded appliances
break room

Break Rooms

For those that will see newly built employee break rooms with kitchenette areas; all the receptacles on the countertop will now be GFCI

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