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1 1-4 emt foot bender

A 1" Rigid / 1 1/4" EMT Conduit Bender

This pipe bender is now the property of Woburn Electric's! This tool is used to bend pipe. It has a swiveling foot pedal used for leverage. An electrician will pull on the blue handle and at the same time, exert all of his weight, subsequently foot pressure onto the foot pedal.  All of the force is then transferred into the "shoe" where the bending of the conduit takes place.

The bending shoe, the black portion in the image, is made of cast aluminum. While the blue handle is made of iron. Interesting enough the blue handle can be replaced with field cut rigid electric conduit if need be. This would be the case if the handle were to be accidentally bent during transport or typical construction site conditions-which can be harsh on tools and equipment, not to mention people.

1 1-4 inch emt foot bender 2
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