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The Massachusetts Electrical Code is updated and changed every 3 years.

It is imperative for the electrical professional to stay current with the changes and updates.  The new tri-annual difference reflects new wiring methods and emerging technologies which must or shall be implemented into the installation of electrical systems. These code changes go hand in hand with the national electrical code. However, the Commonwealth code usually takes precedence as it provides more additional safety for personal and protection of property.

Did you know that the Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention Regulations voted to approve the Amendments to 527 CMR 12.00 Massachusetts Electrical Code based on the 2023 edition of NFPA 70 National Electrical Code.

The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations was established by the Massachusetts Legislature after the 1942 fire at Boston’s Cocoanut Grove nightclub. That tragedy killed 492 people and remains the deadliest nightclub fire and the second-deadliest single-building fire in American history.

492 victims of the fire - rest in peace
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Solar Panel Systems

Disconnect Switches

Code Update

690.56. Insert the following Informational Note after the section title and before 690.56(A):
Informational Note: The Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code, 527 CMR 1.00, requires
signage adjacent to the building or service disconnect that provides contact information and
identifies the party responsible for the operation of the PV system.

This is in addition to the National Electrical requirements and other local regulations.


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